Home screen / desktop screenshots

Once the walls start pouring in we can be like XDA with the many “post your screenshots” threads. Many thanks to @Chimpthepimp.

Device: Essential PH-1 (mata).
ROM: /e/OS Pi/e/.
Launcher: Librechair.
Icon Pack: Plain, Frost, and Whicons.

EDIT: Fixed images.


It seems slightly streched … :o

Device: Mi5sPlus - natrium
eOS: selfbuild pie
Launcher: TotalLauncher


Awww man. I could barely stay awake when I posted that and didn’t realuze. Did some checking just now. Anything I set as a wall is being stretched. Wallpaper preview is fine but when set I can see them stretch. Not good.

EDIT: Seems Gallery or whichever app is doing the stretching. I used MiXplorer to set the paper and all is good.

Yes i realized that too when i changed the wallpaper… Using the inbuild wallpaper app it works fine without streching as well :slight_smile:

The wallpaper app on my ROM is crashing currently. Last night our drive-in movie location got shut down (last place to see a movie in the privy/safety of your car) so now I’ll have time to troubleshoot things.

@harvey186, ooh, haven’t used TotalLaumcher in quite some time. Time for a revisit. Librechair is being problematic. Thanks for the unintentional reminder.

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Can I believe my eyes, in one of the folder there is a Goolag app - Snapseed? :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :joy:

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Wow, good eyes :). Yes, i haven’t found any better photo editor :woozy_face:
But it’s totally restricted. No web access, nothing :smile:

EDIT: by the way,it has zerro trackers :wink:


Very good, also Goolag translate last I checked had no trackers either, though I still cannot bring myself to trust anything ‘made by google’ :joy:


I’m on your site. But sometimes you have to dance with the devil and my pi-hole blocks everything for goolag and other data thieves


ZTE Axon 7.
/e/OS Nougat.
KISS Launcher.