Homescreen 'reset' - app groups lost

I’m using the default launcher on /e/, fairphone 3.
I like to group the apps on my phone so that i have just one home ‘page’, rather than having to scroll through 5 pages / screens of apps.
Every so often all of my groups are lost and i end up with 4 or 5 screens worth of apps. Some kind of reset takes place and i have no idea why or when it may happen.
Yesterday was the first time in a few months it happened.
My os is up to date (android 12), and this has happened multiple times on older /e/ versions.
It is time consuming regrouping all the apps again onto one page.
Has anybody else experienced this?
Is there a way to save my groupings so that i can easily restore them if the ‘reset’ takes place again?
Thanks in advance for any advice!

it’s very often reported - whatever makes the launcher crash can induce this. Some issues triggering it were fixed, but others remained. A blisslauncher rebase / rewrite was announced and due to be released (see the weekly dev updates) that won’t use the code that breaks here

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