Honor 8 FRD-L09, FRD-L19

I wish I can use and try /e/ on my Honor 8 in order to keep it deGooglised and updated :slight_smile:

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I think the chance it like zerro. Huawei doesn’t allow unlocking bootloader since over a year. And with locked bootloader you can’t install any custom rom. sorry

Well, I’m lucky I have an unlocked bootloader and you can still use DC Unlocker, it works and it costs 5€. That seems worthwhile :slight_smile:

oh, great. Than you should check if your device is treble supporting If yes, you can use one of eOS or LeOS GSI

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what is treble support?

I think huawei now allow unlocking bootloader. found some how to’s online. e.g. this one: Every method present to Unlock Bootloader of Honor 8 -

Hi @grillbag welcome to the /e/ forum.

You could check if your device has treble support with the app Treble Info by Hackintosh 5. Treble support is a prerequisite to the use of a GSI – /e/OS GSI are documented here

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