Hotdogb hd1907 unlocked

I dont see my new phones variant listed under the device sub. what is the status of applicability for applying e to this device? Doed it fdiffeer from the others? It is a oneplus device…

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to clarify, the hover pop up on the device page lists hd1900, hd1901, hd1903, hd1905 but not hd1907. Was this list made before the tmo variant of the 7T was unlocked, which mine is, or is there another reason it says:
Models Supported
- HD1900
- HD1901
- HD1903
- HD1905
Other models are not supported

Did you look this device up with OnePlus? It sounds a bit of a misfit device for some, apparently designed to be carrier locked, but some are unlocked. I would take this up on OnePlus forums and see if others have succeeded in reflashing initially with Oxygen or with a custom ROM.

Thanks for that suggestion. I got it sim unlocked with the 2x tray I bought on ebay (But w/1 imei) With such minimal development, I’d be wise to wonder why I suppose… NO Bloat or sign of t-mo other than hd1907 in settings… Not Pro, just a 7T hd1907

Also, Thanks again aibd!!!
That OnePlus post describes my phone exactly. Got it here for $60 new obama… Err Biden phone company but it’s been raped of it’s warp brick, red cord and any case or OP box). Those likely sold off on ebay…