How bad is it really with the bootloader unlocked?

How bad is it really with the bootloader unlocked?

I have my OS fully encrypted.

Is there any security loophole here?

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As long as your phone is in your hands, it doesn’t have much relevance. Read more »phone as a safe«

As long as your data is properly encrypted, they are safe. But in theory, if a hostile person will get a physical access to your device, he can inject a script into recovery, that will hijack your data in the moment you get your device back and try unlock it first time. The solution: if someone really suspicious took your phone and then gave it back to you - without decryption perform a full wipe, restore it to factory defaults in all aspects (including OS, recovery and bootloader re-locking), and then setup it from scratch as a totally new device.


Thanks for the response. I wanted to know the exact risks with a scenario and you gave it.

I’ll definitely be buying a Fairphone 3 from now because of their locked bootloader. :slightly_smiling_face: