How bad is Swiftkey keyboard for privacy?

Is Swiftkey really terrible for privacy?

Because what is really bad about /e/ is the keyboard. I really miss Swiftkey.

I am using Anysoftkeyboard, and it’s really poor in comparison to Swiftkey.

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True, I really like it too. It is unfortunate Microsoft bought it, it makes the chance of it going open source small.
I’d be interested to learn about this too. Perhaps dive into their privacy policy?

This looks encouraging, as long as you don’t create an account!

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If you’re concerned about which data Swiftkey transfers you might consider disabling all options in the “App data usage” setting for Swiftkey.

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Goolag & M$oft trackers galore…

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Well, of course.

But I am also using WhatsApp and at least 2-3 more apps with trackers, all under Shelter.

I think this will do the job.

I really like their multi-language support so I downloaded the language packs and disabled all data access.


I can’t get it to work under shelter, could you share how you did it please?

Sorry, Greg, I don’t remember, and I’m not using it now.