How can I delete default apps?

How do I do it, or check if it’s OK? Thanks.

What do you mean ?? …

How do I enable adb debugging in development options?


Look here for activating dev options

Insite dev options you wil find adb debugging

Hi! are you sure, this is the folder to find the apk’s? I opened it: it’s empty!? Could there be another place?
Thank you and greetings!

have you mounted /system ??

no, I just booted into twrp and opened ->advanced -> filemanager -> system
how do I mount it?

in TWRP is a mount menu. There you can mount /system

thank you!!
meanwhile I read, that it could have opposite effects removing an apk. I thought it could lighten the system, as it seems the processor has a light damage and works with delay sometimes.
Which one can be removed without danger, do you know that?

It will make no change in your processor handling. The only effect more space in /system partition and on screen.

So I prefer stay where you are.

If you still want remove something: Don’t remove Bliss if you don’t have installed another launcher
And I prefer not to remove the apk. I always move them to internal storage. So if something went wrong, you can move it back and everything is fine.
Start with moving MagicEarth. And than move one app after the other with with some reboots between so you can check if everything working

fine, I ll stay like this.
just for interest: how to move a folder?

the empty folder is no problem. only move the apk inside.

@harvey186: Harvey, if I remove an APK from /SYSTEM/APP/, can I add an APK to that folder to replace it?

Update: On the other hand, I’d have to uninstall the app first to do that, wouldn’t I? Then stuff would be missing …

the /e/OS folks might want to change the notifications for system apps so that the notifications can be turned off. That might satisfy the folks that don’t want to mess around in TWRP.

Better not. will work, it will be a system app which you can’t update via a store.

If you remove the apk from system folder no need to uninstalll first

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@harvey186 - Harvey, instead of deleting or moving the file, I changed the name to *.bak. So Calendar.apk => Calendar.bak, Tasks.apk => Tasks.bak. Worked like a charm!

I appreciate this info - thanks!

How can I delete an e/ app like the web browser or task or so on?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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When will be an easy way of doing from E/ foundation?

Who knows? Several users have mentioned it here, for what it’s worth … My wish list for /e/