How can I delete default apps?

Hi all,

I’d really love to get rid of Calendar, Tasks and Weather. They are a (minor) pain in the ass.

Is it possible to do so? How? :slight_smile: Thanks!


Had this question too. Please use the search function of this site:
It will become possible when /e/ version 1.0 is released, but seems more difficult to realize this feature as expected (some system application will always have to remain irremovable).


So there’s no workaround until v. 1.0 is ready?

Sure, use twrp file manager and delete the unwanted apk’s fron /system/app


@harvey186 : twrp? Can’t find it with F-droid…

Got it. Found it in Apps.

You have flashed your e zip with twrp. It’s your recovery :wink:

No, I haven’t.

I bought a phone with /e/ installed :slight_smile:

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And it has no risks and side effects on the overall system?

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Start recovery and you will see it. If not, pls let ne know so i can ask why there is no twrp installed.

Sure it is, because if you will delete bliss launcher before installing an other you can’t boot.
I prefer nit to delete the apk apps. I always move them to tmp folder. So if get sone thing wrong i can move them back :smiley:

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Ehmm… How do I start recovery?

But no risks as long as you don’t touch Bliss, but just Calendar, Tasks or Weather?

Normally power + volume up at same time
or when connected to PC ‘adb reboot recovery’ via terminal

Power + volume down should boot into bootloader
from PC ‘adb reboot boatloader’ via terminal

It would be a first step in the right direction if all default apps (except Bliss Launcher)
could be deactivated as in the MagicErath app (App Info > Disable ~ Force stop).

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Yes, but you won’t get it. Yiu have to wait til a pure e without defaults will be build … later

I know that I know nothing. It can only get better … later

Hi @harvey186, nope, it’s not working.

Starting with the phone OFF:

  • if I start it with Power + volume up at the same time,
    the phone simply turns ON like I just wanted to turn it on.

  • if I start it with Power + volume down at the same time,
    it goes into a loop, it keeps on starting the turning on process,
    until I eventually stop pressing the buttons and it just turns on.

No, I didn’t try to do anything via terminal because my S7 just
doesn’t connect to my Mac: it’s not simply the file transfer that
is not working; literally the phone and Mac don’t connect at all.

The key combinations for starting TWRP are device-specific.
“power + volume up at same time” … is not the only possible one.

For example, my Samsung S4 requires three keys to start TWRP: power + volume up + home

What kind of device do you use?

I hate Samsung !!!

as far as I remember it was a S7 so please have a look here