How can I display notifications in the app icon?

From iOS I know the notification in the app icon. A small red box, in which the number of messages is. I miss this and would like to enable it. It always shows a small circle at the top right edge of the icon, which always shows the number of new, unread messages.

How can I activate this?

Fairphone 4
My system: /e/OS 1.2-2022072620…
Android 11

Thank you very much for your help,


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This depends on the launcher app you use. Probably you have a launcher which doesn’t provide this bullet notifications (or you haven’t switched this on).

For example, with Lawnchair, in the Home settings you can set ON “show notification counter”. If I’m not wrong, you must set also the launcher system permissions to be able to see the counter.

@jobal, @irrlicht,

Is it possible with bliss launcher, the default /e/ OS one?


Think so (can’t remember anymore). If it doesn’t show these bullets this feature is switched off somewhere.

You can enable notification dots on the app icon. You will only get a red dot with and exclamation mark in it. I don’t think Bliss does a count number within it. Could be a topic for a feature request I suppose; many others have asked about this also.

You need to enable notification dots specifically for the launcher:

Settings > Apps and notifications ↓ Advanced > Special app access > Notification access > select Bliss launcher and allow notifications.


@irrlicht + jobal: Thank you very much for your tips and advice. Indeed, it would be nice if this display option was included in BlissLauncher. That way I would not have to access another launcher app.
@chrisrg: great, thank you also. So at least I can see when new messages have come in. That helps me a lot. Even if the number display would be really good.

Thanks again for your quick responses.

Many greetings Andreas


The Numbers are helpful, but it seems that you need another launcher for that.

Note: these bullets are one way of notification. The fact that they are spread over the icons, perhaps on several screens (in folders …) is not an advantage. You also have the notification area on top which is more centralized and allows much more information (especially message preview) and also actions (delete …)

I for myself would like to have an always open full screen app for that, always only one swipe away, with a nice ordered or categorized timeline, newest on top, but this idea seems to be completely nuts in the Android world.

If you refer, for example, to an email or a task app, isn’t this what a large widget can (partially) do?

Yes, but I want calendar integration (upcoming events), SMS, MMS, Messengers, Microblogging, technical notifications from the system - all the things that happen in time. (I’ve grown up with Blackberries.) Never saw a usable widget for that, what you will find are incongruous widgets of different developers facing each a small aspect of this, and the more functionality you want the more you need of them. Sure you can place them together on a screen but you will never get a consistent timeline of these heterogeneous events (but, damned, in the real life of a human being they occure …)


Hi guys, thanks! Indeed, instead of the exclamation marks, numbers would be great