How can I get my paid apps from playstore?

is it possible to load Threema?

As far as I know, there are user which are using threema.

You can use a Google account in Aurora (instead of anonymous) but, better, you can also get Thema directly from the vendor. It even includes an update function.

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Ok, thanks for your fast answer.

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Read the Aurora warnings ( small letters in big format ) !

Better download the apk of your application with another device (with gogol account) or on the site of the application

Well, technically it’s an option, but I recommended the other one…

Yes, that’s right, but not because of the warning but because of using a goolag account in a goolag free OS is worst. It’s like drinking Whisky beside an alcohol free beer

Or make a « Hold Up » in a bank where you are client, like the Dalton brothers in Lucky Luke comics, and give your RIB/IBAN to the bank employees for the transfer…

Threema is available in the following app store:

Here you can buy the Android version of Threema without using Google Play.

After payment you will receive a license key for each purchased license, which you can use to download the APK. The license key must also be entered when you launch the app for the first time. Future updates can be downloaded manually from the same location (you’ll receive a notification in the app).

Out of topic: Does Threema work without play services?

Yes. It works on /e/.

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I use raccoon for payed apps from the play store.
It is a hussle setting your phone profile up for it - but when it works - it does its job.
Downside - you have to pay for it - and you have to have a Google account on your PC.
I use it with DEVUAN linux. Due to its java nature roccoon is quit host system agnostic and will also run on commercial customer data grabbing systems like M$ Windows and Apple MacOS.

So try to download the .apk file with your PC and then install it on your /e/Phone.

It’s a lot of overhead to install all paid apps manuals!
How can I use the fakestore app or microg on the rom, is that recommended?

Hmmm, but it makes no sense without a working app!

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