How can i make receipt of SMS from a specific number to sound at full volume?

I am a voluntary sea rescurer.
Radio coverage at home and work for the pager is bad, but i do get the alarm by SMS.
I need the phone then to note me at full volyme, and vibration.

Not full volume, but specific ringtone (attached to the contac) is possible…

Thanks, i found to set the ringtone but it does not help when volume is silent…

You could use system profiles, create a “silent” one that actually sets a ringtone with an mp3 file that contains no sound, volume to maximum and vibration. For the specific number you receive alarms from, you could create a contact with a custom ringtone.
Give it a try and see if it works, maybe let us know.


I want full volume alarm always when i receive SMS from one number.
Good if it alse overrides any silent mode.
This is (voluntary) life saving missions.

I don’t believe this can be done from settings within the phone. I have been thinking you could use a simple app which would set an alarm in a certain event, in your case an SMS from a certain number.

Maybe someone else knows such app ?

I found this thread interesting

Is there a SMS alarm app that can fire an alarm when a certain msg comes in???

If you would consider “build it yourself”, the app Automate (Exodus privacy 9/10) might be fun – the process is simplified by “building blocks”. There is an associated community sharing builds, which can be used or adapted by others. This link would need slight adaption for your purposes, but might make an interesting trial first project ?



Thank you!
This seem really nice!
I did not know we could do block programming on a phone that easily, will try!
And good example you found, just edit it a bit and try =)

haven’t tried it myself but maybe Priority Alerts is also worth a test for Your usecase:

The app claims to trigger notifications when receiving priority messages (determined by user keywords) and being able to overrule silent mode.

UI is pretty straightforward, just gave it a try, did not set contact number but only keyword: audible alarm despite silent mode for incoming SMS that contains the keyword
sound file canot be changed in current release
could be set to “vibration” instead of silent mode of course - but no option to also have vibration for receipt of emergency-sms whilst in silent mode

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I did the following:

1 Set full volume alarm for everyone
2 Set normal ringtone for specific contact
3 Set a ringtone for everyone with edited volume at 20% (it can be done with an opensource audio editor software)

The phone now notice me at full volume from specific contact, volume at 20% from others


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