How can I print mails from the /e/ Mail app?

I’m using the per default Mail App from /e/ and I wanted to print an e-mail. But I can’t find “Print” anywhere in the Mail app’s menu, no matter where I look for. However, printing a picture from the Gallery works without any problem. For the moment I’ve only tried with the Default Printing Service where I added my printer by wifi-direct.
Thanks for your help :grinning:

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Hi @Warthog,
I haven’t got my device connected to my printer by wifi here, but I should imagine that if the Default Printing Service shows up, then try using the Reply arrow at the head of the email page. I managed to send it via Syncthing to my computer, so if you use the “Share” choice when you click on the reply icon probably your wifi printer should show up there. BTW, select all of your email first and choose “copy” so that the share function will have something to send. Hope this works for you.

Thanks 100x @Grendel! Actually, the “share” function is the one that I had been looking for crazily, too, because I thought the printing option could be there. But I had no idea that it is “hidden” behind the reply-icon (double arrow). Well, now I’m halfway saved. Unfortunately there’s nothing about wi-fi-connection or printing service in the “share”-submenu (although wi-fi etc. activated) but there’s Bluetooth at least. I’ll try that one and also by downloading a specific printer app or plugin. I’m optimistic that then it will work.

BTW: As far as I understand the “copy” button has nothing to do with this one. It’s just to copy the selected text to the clipboard so you can paste it somewhere. But if you use any other share option, there’s no need to choose the “copy” button or even to select the text…

My printer doesn’t have Bluetooth it turned out, only wi-fi (and NFC). And after downloading the printer specific plugin (Brother), THERE’S STILL NO ICON OR ANYTHING TO PRINT IN THE STOCK MAIL APP :sleepy:

Can anybody help? Thanks in advance…

Hello Warthog

Mail app is a fork of K-9 and heres some info about printing and workaround with printing:

Hey mihi, thanks a lot for your hint, I’ll check it out.

I looked at this recently in the german speaking section E-Mail drucken von Fairphone /e/ - #4 by tcecyk

A workaround is to install org.billthefarmer.print app found in fdroid / Apps to have a “Share” entry (as proposed in the k9mail forum).

From there you can reach any IPP enabled network printer you’d also have via a real printer function.

But it has a major disadvantage: k9mail doesn’t yet share the essential mail headers to / from / subject and date - so at least #1423 needs to be fixed and the /e/ fork rebase to be a true solution

Fairmail is doing it