How can I reset my Trust-PIN?

Hey e-people!

This is my first post/topic on the forum. I’ve already searched but found nothing to reset/restore the PIN of the trust-App.
After I finally made to install the ROM on my new/used Xiaomi Mi 6, I started setting up the system with language, time etc. when I came to registering a finger print, I was prompted before to enter a trust-PIN and I entered a 6 digits PIN and confirmed it.
Directly before registering my fingerprint I was prompted to enter my PIN again, so I did and the trust-app tells me that it’s wrong.
For now I can’t setup further security settings because my PIN is recognized as wrong.

Can anybody save me from going :peanuts:? Tia! :pray:

Can you pls try this
Delete /data/system/locksettings.db via twrp

That worked well! Entering the same code afterwards now works fine.
Thank you!

always welcome :sweat_smile:

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