How can I see how fast my uploads or downloads are?

Hello community!

Is there one or more app(s) that can do the following:

I want to see my upload and download speeds if possible in a graphic like in a AVM FritzBox with info how much the network could potentially do.

Second: I would like to see this by app in a table to find out, which app is uploading/downloading stuff and how fast.


I have seen my phone using up a lot of bandwidth at home and want to check that. And: I want to see how well my Videos are uploading with my GoPro Quik App. And: If I use the phone, I want to see how good my network is in some area (potential vs. real download) and perhaps move from there.

Thank you for any ideas!

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You can set options for the status bar which leads then to numbers showing up and download speed in the moment when it happens. These options are under “Settings | System | Status bar | the second from the top”.

The other question is more complicated.

You probably knows the integrate basic feature in

→ settings → system → status bar → network traffic monitor

But it is very basic

I can’t find this particular topic in Settings on my FP4. I see many others but don’t see that one…

Here in /e/OS-R :



Still one of my favorites, if not actively supported:

I understand what you mean, but I miss the second entry “Network traffic monitor” in my status bar settings. This one is not visible and I don’t know why.

On my phone (S7) the “Network traffic monitor” option is greyed out (is not available) when the clock is shown centered. In case your clock is centered try right or left instead maybe that helps…

I guess that the position of the camera might be the problem that it is not even greyed out but not available. The camera is right in the middle in the FP4…

You may try to change camera position in status bar or even hide the camera … Maybe only for the sake of investigation/ cognition…

I see

There are also other apps in app stores. You can search there for terms like “speed” or “traffic” (and must subtract then the entries for road traffic …)

I’m not familiar with speed testing since speed was never a topic for me. Normally the amount and the culprits of traffic are much more interesting. For this you find for instance Glasswire or Traffic Monitor & 5G Speedtest (both from Aurora).

As far as a status bar indicator is concerned, network traffic monitor has not been available on devices with center cutout / notch. Alternatives like DataStats | F-Droid could be used.

App network usage you can get from Settings → Network & Internet. Mobile and Wi-Fi usage stats are in their respective sections.
For more detail there is Data Monitor | F-Droid.

Monitoring transfer speeds of individual apps probably isn’t worth figuring out. Your network (expected bandwidth) plus source of downloads (fast or slow servers, local or distant mirrors), and even time of day, all play a factor.
Not yet aware of what can monitor that.

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