How can I used my sim contacts?

I don’t like keeping my contacts on the phone or in the cloud, I just want them on my sim card as I’m used to.? Can anyone help please?

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I’m afraid storing and updating contacts is no longer supported in recent versions of Android, or in custom ROMs (like /e/OS) based on those versions of Android. See this posy for some more explanation:

It is possible to export your contacts from the SIM, but only to either the device, or to a Cloud account.

Thanks for the reply. My problem though is that when I try to export from the SIM the phone says there are no contacts on the SIM but I know there are 99 there.


Perhaps with Dumbphone Assistant

Hope it will works within your device.

Thanks, I’ll look into that :+1:

I got it sorted in the end. On my old phone (S7edge) I exported to the SD card then imported from there in the new phone. :+1: :grin:

Hi there, had the same problem on a FP4 - dumbphone assistant worked like a charm - thanks for the solution =)