How can one switch dark/light theme for Mail app?

I’m not able to switch theme from dark to light on Mail app. Switching 0.23-q OS theme does not change anything in Mail and I have found no settings in Mail app for switching themes. How can one switch dark/light theme for Mail app?

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I’ve found the switch to light theme in submenu of a single open mail. Now I can see mail bodies in light theme.

I can’t find this submenu you are referring to @yopixi
Also I don’t get why it is not possible to switch to dark/light mode in the app Settings. It seems possible in K9 Mail, so why getting rid of this when forking K9?

It is nowhere to find in settings to Mail. Can you please navigate me?

I can’t find it either in Mail. But it seems available in K9, the app that /e/ uses as a base to build their own Mail app.

Removing this setting in Mail is one of the changes /e/ have made in their forked app, presumably in the name of providing a consistent UI across all their apps. To use the dark theme for Mail, you have to change it for all apps, in Settings | Display | Dark theme.

They have removed the ability to change theme in most of their forked apps: it’s not there in Calendar, Tasks or Notes, while it is present in the upstream apps from which /e/'s apps are forked. To me this work seems like a waste of developer time, which would have been better spent improving the code functionality of /e/OS: the changes don’t add anything - in my humble opinion :slight_smile: - to the user experience os /e/OS.


Couldn’t agree more :blush:

Thanks for the replies and for the confirmation of my expectation: the app theme is managed globally.

It does not work for me on 1.3-q. The Mail theme remains dark in light themed OS. Restarting the app or even the OS does not help.