How change dev to stable branch on Fairphone 3

Hi, I got a new phone and would like to give my “old” Fairphone 3 to my daughter. On this I installed the dev branch and would like to change this to the stable branch now, which seems more appropriate for her. How do I proceed for that?

Thanks for help!

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Flash “R dev build” /e/ image ROM download
(you have to run android 11 firmware installed as a base)


Flash “Q stable build” /e/ image ROM download
(you have to run android 10 firmware installed as a base)

Currently on the phone /e/OS 1.2-… is installed. But it is the dev version. And I would like to switch to the stable build. Can I just follow instructions to flash like it was from stock / Fairphone Android? Or is not worth the pain?

The stable build is still on Android Q (Android 10) though, so if you install the stable version, e.g. /e/OS 1.4 stable Android Q, and you later, if it ever comes, want to upgrade to /e/OS 1.x stable Android R, you have to set-up the phone from scratch again. So /e/OS 1.4 dev Android R may be a better option? But it seems it’s still buggy and therefore not considered “stable”.

I decided it is not worth the effort and stick to the dev build. Thanks for your comments!