How do I add a speed dial widget?

I’d like to add a couple of mini-widgets directly starting a call to a specific contact. How do I do that in /e/?

If I’m getting right what you want to have … Start adding a Widget to the home screen, and from the selection of Widgets choose the “Direct dial” Widget offered by the Contacts App.

(I don’t know if /e/'s Bliss launcher does Widgets, as I don’t use it, but if not, most other launchers are your friend.)

Thanks for the hint. The Bliss launcher does do widgets, but it seems neither the default contacts nor call apps offer speed dial widgets.

Oh, ok, I thought the Widgets would be offered by the Apps, independently from the launcher. Seems that’s not the case then, I learn something every day.
What I wrote above is what I could do when using the launcher Lawnchair.

What you should be able to do in the Contacts App in any case … choose a contact, then open the three-dot-menu for it and “Create shortcut”. It’s not speed dial, but you have a contact on the home screen already from where you can proceed to call them quickly, better than nothing :slight_smile: .

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