How do I delete photos in the cloud?

I accidentally uploaded pictures from my phone to the /e/ cloud via Nextcloud. Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to delete these pictures at ecloud!!
How do I delete photos in the cloud??

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Can’t you log in to your ecloud account and delete them?

In eloud navigate to “All Files”, the find where your photos are eg Photos > OpenCamera
Then select either an entire folder or multiple individual photos, then click Actions > Delete
That’s how I did it anyway and it worked, not sure if thats the correct way but it seems the obvious choice.


Thank you.
After a while I found out that I could delete the photos under Files.
I think it should definitely be possible to delete pictures directly.

Agreed! I just spent quite a while scouring the photos page looking for a way to delete photos and finally came here to the forum for help. The process is not intuitive, to say the least.

I think it’s better to select all files and take action delete instead of deleting the folder.
I believe it could make some errors for uploading new photos from open camera If you delete the folder.

Hi all,

As you are all masters in deleting photos, here is my question : when you delete it in the ecloud, does it remain in your phone ? Additionnaly, when deleted, as the photo might be in your phone, does it re copy it in th ecloud or not?