How do I display a path or a set of POI in Magic Earth?

To do trekking, I need to display on my smartphone a map with my pathway and some points of interest, like B&B, hotels, groceries or fountains. After I search and I tried, I could never solve that problem. and Google Maps let users import gpx, kml, kmz or so on files to display pathways and points of interest. I tried to do the same in Magic Earth by sending myself a mail but I never could display anything.
Could anyone help or should I switch from Magic Earth to Maps.Me ?

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I have the same question. I used Pocket Earth on the iPhone. Does anybody know a good app like that for /e/ os?
I tried Polaris but it can’t make a satellite fix.

Hi all,

Same question for me.
Today I have downloaded a KML file and on Magic Earth site, I read that clicking on KML file will open Magic Earth and important POIs.
Magic Earth starts but no import of my KML file.

Is it cause Magic Earth is a “/e/ version” and not the standard appli ?

It’s working fine with
How could I import that KML file in Magic Earth ?

Hi there! This is how you can import .kml files in Magic Earth:

Hope it helps. If more information is needed, contact the support team at

This is exactly the point which was referred to by PKT.
After clicking a kml file, Magic Earth should open and ask you to import the file. But it only opens. Doesn’t ask anything, and also has not “stealth” imported the file.
So same problem here on GS290

Hi, @Henry55. what Magic Earth version are you using? indeed, the app should open the file and ask you to import the favourites. if this doesn’t work, maybe it would be better to contact support. All the best!

Hi @delia.mak it is the built in version of e.
Map Version: 7.401

Hello, Henry. My name is Delia and I work for the Support Team of Magic Earth. The version you mentioned is not the latest app version, so this could be the reason for the issue. To send you the latest Magic Earth APK, please drop us a line at All the best!

Hi Delia and all,
I see in the Appstore the version…
But I cannot install{update to it. It only says “Open” instead of “Update”. Can this be fixed?
In the meantime I will write to you per eMail.

I just updated to the latest version but opening the kml file still doesn’t trigger Magic Earth to import the locations. I suppose I have to add the 70+ locations manually :frowning:

In case, opening gpx files works wonders in OsmAnd, but indeed I couldn’t make it work using Magic Earth, that’s unfortunate…

hi, i am facing the same issue. ckicking the kml-file opens magic earth but does not import the POIs.
i am using Magic Earth Navigation Maps_v7. which should be pretty up to date. @delia.mak: is there a chance that you could post a sample kml-file i could try?
cheers holden