How do I force my phone to connect to 2.4ghz wifi?

I am having trouble setting up an IOT device.

On searching, I saw my phone was connected to wifi by 5ghz. How can I force it to connect at 2.4ghz?


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The only way I know is to set up a “guest” account on your wi-fi router and that is normally a 2.4ghz only profile.

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Or split the Wi-Fi network into seperate networks in your router settings by giving them separate names/SSIDs (how ever your router wants to call it), one for 2.4 GHz and one for 5 GHz, then only connect to the 2.4 GHz network with your phone.

Android had a setting once to force the phone to connect to 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz only or to both, but this was dropped some time ago.

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I will try the guest option.

I had changed the wifi name in the 2.4 profile, but the 5ghz name changed too (same name)

There should be a checkbox to change that behavior.


If you could say which router vendor and model it is exactly, we probably could look that up in the manual.

That would be very kind, I have been searching through the settings with no luck. Its the Movistar HGU

Would it be safer to have my IOT devices on the guest network to limit their access to other devices, or could that impede their functionality?

I would say yes, and I believe multiple tech sites advise this. links to Movistar’s own manual for the Mitrastar HGU GPT-2541GNAC.

On page 18 and 19 it suggests you can configure the networks in the settings via “WiFi” (2.4 GHz) and “WiFi Plus” (5 GHz).
Make sure they have different names, so that both get shown separately in the Wi-Fi search on the phone. If devices in your household rely on a connection which you are about to change, they might need to be reconfigured afterwards, too.

Managed to set up Guest network, that is 2.4ghz.

Couldn’t set up and separate standard wifi into 2.4 and 5ghz though.

Either way, the Sonoff mini is not working.

All menus have changed, following a Movistar youtube video on how to do it from a year ago, completely different. New and improved now, no doubt!

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