How do I import my sim contacts?

I have now flashed /e/ to a Nexus 5 and also a OnePlus One. The Nexus 5 took a few hours as I didn’t find it very straightforward, however the OPO took about half an hour and went well.

I really like the system which works fine but I found the setup process once the phones had booted up quite confusing and not very intuitive. I’d never heard of Bliss launcher so wasn’t sure what to do, there was simply a button on the screen which I assumed I had to turn on but wasn’t sure.

I added my Google account which I found strange because I thought the idea of /e/ was to get away from Google. Then when I attempted to import my emails nothing happened although it seemed to be going through the motions.

Also I can’t see how to import my contacts from my sim or even see any contacts to actually import.

I’m quite tech savvy when it comes to repairing phones or flashing roms but I’m just struggling on the setup.

Can anyone help or point me to a sticky or help file?


Did you try in the contacts app to open the hamburger menu and then settings->import? It should open a window titled “open contacts from” and offer your sim card as an option.

EDIT: I think in oreo based /e/ it’s not the hamburger menu but the three dots in the upper right to reach “import/export” directly.

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Yes I saw that and tried it but nothing happened at all. So now I have copied my Google address book to my /e/ address book but try as I might I cannot get them to display or save on the phone.

Whoops sorry my contacts just appeared on the phone haha. Well they took about 5 minutes to copy across, how strange. Anyway all sorted now thanks for your help.

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