How do i should understand application permissions?

Basically, I use apps with few permissions. And if then OpenSoruce apps. Now today I wanted to install Discord on my phone. The app requires a lot of rights, including all contacts. Does it mean that the app gets access to them immediately after installation? Or will you be asked for it. After all, I do not know now for what reason my contacts are relevant here.

I also found this post about it:

Here is the Screenshot:

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I believe that regarding contacts you will be asked for permission after installation, at least this is what I had with Signal and Telegram :thinking:

Tested here on my tablet. Not question for permission. The use alle permission… :crazy_face:

From the OS the user can grant four permissions for Discord: Camera, Contacts, Files and media (storage), and Microphone.

As far as those shown in the screenshot, it is quite normal that a lot of other permissions and App Ops are automatically granted / enabled.

There’s a bunch of apps out there that explain all those ‘hidden’ perms and tools to manage some of them.

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If I’m not sure if a certain permission is necessary, I normally deny and see what happens.
You can revoke this any time via settings - apps anyways.
Sometimes you are even offered an option ‘always ask’

i had a look directly on the system on the app permission. OMG yes :crazy_face: no permission is given. I’m glad about that. :grin: Good system!


You can also use this app from F-Droid (IzzyOnDroid depot):

It’s tell you which app have which autorization in a nice interface.

Give it a try :wink:

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