How do I stop music syncing?

When I put some music on my phone, the default behavior seems to be to sync it to the /e/ cloud. In the Settings-> Accounts -> /e/ -> Account Settings -> Gear wheel - I can set sync for Contacts, Calendar and Tasks, but nothing about files. For the moment I have disabled sync for the whole account, but this is not ideal. How can I disable sync for files / music?

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Well, in the Seeting you can go to
Users & Accounts > your e-account > Account Sync
There you can find an option “Pictures and videos”. If you unselect this, your music is not synced anymore. Unfortunately there is no option to stop only syncing the music folder (AFAIK).
What I do to put music on my device that I do not want to have synced with my e-cloud:

  • I simply connect my device to my computer,
  • I create a folder MUSIC2 on the device and
  • I upload music from my computer to the MUSIC2 folder

This folder is not synced by the system.

Thank you ralxx. I turned of “pictures and videos” as I don’t sync photos either.

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