How do I transfer contacts from the phone to Murena cloud

Sorry, I just dont get it myself, shame on me…
I can choose where I want to save new contacts when I add one on my phone. But how do I get the exisitng contacts from the phone to the cloud?
I already tried it via a vcf but that doesnt work.
I guess theres an easy way in front of my eyes and I dont see it…

If you have an active murena account and activated synchronization your contacts and also your calendars automatically syncronize with your phone. Go to setup-account and look. If there is no murena account you have to setup it.

Device contacts (i.e contacts in the Device account) are not synched, automatically or otherwise. @MaxO is asking (I think) how these Device contacts can be moved to the eCloud / Murena account whihc is synched.

I think it can be done as follows:

  • Export the Device contacts to a .vcf file (Settings | Export)
  • Import the vcf file **to the /e/ Address book account
  • If that doesn’t work on the phone, try importing via the web interface
  • When they are imported, delete the Device contacts via the Contacts Storage system app (as described here
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Thanks once again @petefoth, I knew it should be easy! :slight_smile:

Did it work?

Did you import on the phone or on the web site?

Yes it did, thank you!
On the phone itself.

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When I face a problem like that , I install “simple contacts pro” which make possible to select the " addresse book" of a contact , moving it to the murena book make it sync.