How do I turn the code from this github repository into a magisk flashable zip file?

As the title mentions, I have no idea how to do this as the magisk version I’m coming from simply had the ability to download modules through an option menu. I understand there’s an “install from storage” button under the modules section in the most recent version of magisk but I have no idea how to create the zip from the code on the page.

Any instructions would be appeciated.


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What is “this github repository”? I think something in particular is missing from your post?

If you are referring to some Magisk module repo then install Fox’s Magisk Module Manager | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository.
It includes the Androidacy and Magisk Alt repos. You can also add additional repos.

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Not sure why the link wasn’t included in my post.

I readded it.


Ah yes. That script/module has been available in the repos (Androidacy). See the aforementioned Fox MMM.

Also obtainable straight from his XDA thread.
[TOOLS][ZIPS][SCRIPTS] osm0sis’ Odds and Ends [Multiple Devices/Platforms] | XDA Forums

Specific post.
[TOOLS][ZIPS][SCRIPTS] osm0sis’ Odds and Ends [Multiple Devices/Platforms] | Page 102 | XDA Forums

Historically I’ve always disliked Magisk so devices with TWRP ran ROMs with SuperSU or LOS su. Today, the devices with Magisk are also the devices with noTWRP except one. Never really had a chance to test that script. The OP8T has OrangeFox recovery but I doubt it would work there.

Appreciate you linking a post with the zip file download available. Not sure why it isn’t included in the github page…

Still not entirely sure how to use it though. It’s now showing as installed in the magisk modules tab. Am I supposed to keep it toggled off until such time that I decide to do an OTA update to 1.8 R then simply toggle it on after the update is finished before a system reboot?

The instructions are quite vague.

I too was surprised about the no-XDA link. I thougjht what you posted was some other tool until I went and saw the title.

Yeah, the instructions do seem confusing. From the sound of it…
TWRP already existing of course.

  1. OTA update OS
  2. Reflash/reinstall script (must do after any OTA)
  3. Install Magisk to inactive slot.

I do not know how one would install Magisk to inactive slot after that. In my experience the option to install to inactive slot has to be selected in the Magisk app before OTA, lest the option disappears. Maybe retaining TWRP makes the option still available. If not I guess Magisk can still be flashed or reinstalled directly via the app.
Sorry I really don’t know. Magisk retention is another subject.

EDIT: To clarify what I believe, the script is not active like a standard module. Toggling won’t do anything. After each OTA the script must be flashed. I figure that is when it does whatever magic it does. Somehow taking the TWRP from the current slot and injecting it into the other. After that the module/script is of no use.

Granted, looking at the script is better than me making assumptions.

Oops, just noticed my last post was incomplete. Accidently sent. Edited last sentence.

I was wondering about the age of the script. With all the weirdness of Google and latest Androids I wonder if it is still good to go. Too bad I have no way of testing.
Maybe I’ll search through the XDA thread.