How do I update stock firmware on OnePlus 7T that already has /e/ OS?

I’m looking forward to /e/ OS S for my OnePlus 7T and see that I have to update the stock firmware to Android 12 before I install /e/ OS S. At first I wasn’t going to upgrade the stock firmware because of all the problems reported with Oxygen OS for Android 12 by OnePlus 7T users, but I found out OnePlus released an update in late February to address those issues. So my question is how do I upgrade the stock firmware on my OnePlus 7T that already has /e/ OS R 1.81 Dev? Do I follow the instructions on the Lineage OS webpage for updating the stock firmware on OnePlus 7T? Update firmware on hotdogb | LineageOS Wiki

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I’m in the same boat as you. I think there’s a possibility we may get the OS update as an OTA or through the easy installer :crossed_fingers:

@Manoj can you find out if the instructions on the Lineage OS website for updating the stock ROM will work? I would like to upgrade my phone from /e/ OS R to /e/ OS S. Update firmware on hotdogb | LineageOS Wiki

Unable to find any detailed information on /e/ website regarding updating stock firmware when /e/ OS has been installed. I need to update the stock firmware in order to install /e/ OS S. Please can an /e/ OS tech please give me some guidance on this?

To install the stock ROM, you will need to get support from the vendor site. There you should find tools and guides, besides download the correct ROM for your device. Irrespective of which custom ROM is installed on the device, the stock ROM install methods should be the same.

Thank you @Manoj. The big question I have is do I need to lock my phone first? I know how to update it if it already had stock OS but since it has /e/ OS I’m afraid of bricking my phone if I don’t do it correctly.

No, that is not an option.

This is how I see it. With your current /e/OS ROM you are outside of verified boot.
AOSP and Oneplus allow for this, but you cannot lock the phone.

It is only as you follow the Oneplus instructions to format the device and do the Android version upgrade, that the option to lock and thus fully rejoin verified boot becomes open to you.

Ok, so all I need to do then is install the firmware from the OnePlus updater app? Wonder why Lineage OS has detailed instructions for going back to stock firmware if all I need to do is install the stock firmware?

I installed the updater app from the App lounge and it found the latest Android 12 update for my phone. Installing it would, I assume, wipe my apps and data?