How do you remove the warning screen when you turn on your phone?

I have recently degoogled a MotoG7 power and after finding out there is a color glitch with those phones and lineage, I have flashed stock OS and relocked the bootloader. However, I am now stuck with the warning screen each time you turn on the phone. It states “Your phones operating system has been changed” or something like that. Is there anyway to get rid of this? ALSO, I have not found a permenant fix to this bug discoloration glitch for the phone. If anyone knows of a permanent solution to that and would link it, i’d be very greatful!

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I know the Pixel says, “your device is loading a different operating system” It does that on all custom Roms. I don’t know why it still does it if you out the stock ROM back on it.

This has nothing to do with /e./ It’s because you have unlocked the bootloader. All Motorola phones show this warning when this is done. Have a look around the Motorola G7 Power XDA developers forum for flashable bootloader screens. That is what I did for the Moto phones I have.

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Have a look here

@Optic There are some bootlogos on this Telegram link

Hi, I had the same issue when I changed os in my Moto G7 Power. :wink:

For the warning on the logo screen, I helped myself with sideloading one of this (bootloader needs to be open for this). :grin:

And regarding the colour glitch it disappears when go to settings → display → advanced → colours → natural (or) saturated :grin: is the proper choice so the colours come to normal. With Lineages OS was the same. And you have to set it for 99% cases only after restart or reboot of the phone. :wink:

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