How does carrier setup work?

I have Verizon Prepaid with a ‘bring your own device’ sim card. I tested the install on a backup of the same hardware and it all worked but since that one is not active I was unable to test the carrier setup for it, I just disabled cellular and went to airplane mode, then turned on the WiFi. Before I embark upon an install on my actual actively in use phone I’d like to make sure that I won’t get to the end of install and need to enter in information to make things work and so on…

So can anyone advise me, how does that work?

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The carrier sets up coms with the device by means of Access Point Names; on this forum #apn (<- perhaps pull up the 20+ threads !)

APN are found on your existing phone at

Settings > Network and internet > Mobile network > Advanced > APN.

You might to record your existing ones and / or check the published ones from Verizon.

/e/OS and AOSP in general get a list of “preselections” on the phone extracted from the “main” apns-conf.xml

(When inspecting this list (3870 lines) be sure to select the correct branch for your build.)

Now you can search that list for an exact match with your Verizon plan APN.

If you find it, you can expect no problems.

I do not know the exact magic, but during the First start wizard with you SIM card installed, we expect your correct APN to be selected.

Always works for me in the UK.


I’ll definitely check out the #apn section and definitely record the stuff listed now as is.

Thanks. I didn’t know the name of what I was asking for so I put it in setup. Sorry if I was in the wrong place but thank you very much for the information!

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I went to the APN section on the phone and it lists: Verizon Internet: VZWINTERNET

According to the conf.xml you listed, it’s in there. So I shouldn’t expect any issues, right?

There are multiple listings with that name though so I guess I’ll just have to try and see what happens.

Well not quite so fast ! :slight_smile:

I find 22 hits for VZWINTERNET. You have narrowed the list down, I got this entry (#22) from line 1610.

<apn carrier="Verizon Internet" mcc="311" mnc="485" apn="VZWINTERNET" type="default,dun,mms" mmsc="" protocol="IPV4V6" roaming_protocol="IPV4V6" />

This is unlikely to be your APN, but there is only 1 hit for

apn carrier="Verizon Internet" mcc="311" mnc="485" apn="VZWINTERNET"

the identifiers mcc="xxx" mnc="xxx" are highly significant.

Many users seem to get tripped up by the mmsc url entry, as in our example



So how do I find what I need to know? Is there a command I can run in adb to pull the information in a more detailed manner for comparison?

APN are published online, is simple.

You only have to extend the searching (Find ^F) as I demonstrated as in

apn carrier="Verizon Internet" mcc="xxx" mnc="xxx" apn="VZWINTERNET"

… but who goes researching solutions before they know they have a problem ! :smile:

There is, telephony carrier comes into it from memory … [1] but can find no bookmark atm.

Pencil and paper is not so hard to copy now you have seen the correct format.

Unfortunately that requires root and I have not done that yet on this hardware. Not sure if I even plan to do so.

I do not really think this is the way to go in your situation but I think I used this method to read the contents of my non rooted device, the article describes how to write APN to the device.

… but I was using /e/ with unlocked bootloader, could well be different with an “original firmware device”.

Am now successfully using the phone on Verizon Prepaid.


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