How does E/OS gets its updates?

I wonder how E/OS gets its updates. Does it still get android updates or does it get its own updates directly from E/OS itself. Do you need to create an account to get the updates?
Sorry for this Rooky question but just can’t seem to find the answer.

You do not need an account to get the updates: Updates of officially supported devices are delivered via OTA-updates (Settings → System updates) after the initial installation and they do not require an /e/-account.

As far as I know (not 100% certain), the following updates get included into /e/-OS:

  • updates from android
  • updates from device-manufactures
  • updates from LineageOS
  • updates from /e/-Team

Thank you very much Markus that is a clear and detailed answer. Are you happy with E/OS?

For the most part I am very happy … since September 2018.