How does one configure a custom build of /e/?

In the “How to build the /e/ ROM” ( it says

Custom builds : if the source code has been modified and if the ROM is redistributed, we have several requirements:

  • any reference to /e/, including “/e/”, and our logo must be removed from the build
  • the redistribution must not let people think that it is /e/. The name must be changed and possibly say that it’s been forked from /e/

Are there any instructions for how to do actually this? I am planning on making custom builds with different sets of preinstalled apps but I have no idea where all there are references to /e/, the /e/ logo, etc. in the codebase. It seems to me that if /e/ is asking for all these changes then a doc should be provided that points to where these are…

To remove all this, you will need a lot of android sources knowledge, Java and C knowledge and building Android knowledge.
Here is my custom build I’m working on in the moment.

Here a example for a small build

That’s what I thought… I guess unless /e/ publishes some how-to I’ll just ignore for now…

I think it’s the right choice :+1: