How does Sync even work?

as the title suggests, how does the sync data even work? Is it a two way sync? (update file on cloud, update gets pushed to mobile) or one way sync? and if either, how does it do this with the nextcloud instance that runs out clouds?

The synchronization works with the Web-DAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) protocol. It is an extension to the HTTP protocol that let you edit remote content on the web and see it wherever you have the same “account” set. It acts like a file server, kind of.

If you are using /e/ you have the tools already installed. Just add you account and all will be synced accordingly with your settings.

If you want, like me, you can use a personal home cloud. Or you can use the pre-installed /e/ account.

If you add a contact on your phone, it will be synched to the cloud. If you change something in this contact in the cloud, it will be synched to your phone.

Interesting, but that didnt answer one of my questions
What type of sync is it? And how does it sync my main folder?

Sorry, but what do you actually mean by “type of sync” and “main folder”?
Maybe I misinterpreted you.

It should be a 2way sync. But on my pie builds the file sync ilof files in Documents folder isn’t working. On some ither devices it is working. So it must be device specific

Maybe this would be an interest reading:

I’m hosting a nextcloud and seafile server since long, very long time :+1::smile:

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Dou you think Seafile is as good as Nextcloud?
I liked it when I used it.

Seafile is smaller and faster as Nextcloud, but it has only file sync. For calendar and contact sync you need nextcloud

type of sync, two-way/oneway sync,
and mainfolder as in the root folder on the nextcloud instance, and /sdcard on the android device

Like @harvey186 said is a two-way sync between your cloud and your phone.
He uses Seafile and Nextcloud but I use only Nextcloud because I gather all my pertinent files there.
When I have a file on my phone that I want to save at my cloud I just upload it via Nextcloud and the other way around too. If I ever want to check on this file I use the Nextcloud app on my phone or via browser on any computer.
I believe Nextcloud or Seafile+Nextcloud would serve you well. Being self hosted or the /e/ cloud.

How fast or how slow is the sync process between the nextcloud server and the eOS? It seams that it takes about 30 minute to show me files on my phone after I uploaded on my desktop. I do speak about 4 mb files and I’m inside my network

Yes, sync needs some times, that is right.

Pls don’t double post your questions. Thx

Sorry for the double post.

This is to slow for me. Would be folder sync a faster way? Or is there a faster way to send files to my phone and vis versa?

If you need files right away on another device (and they are not too large) try Telegram.

Thanks for the reply… I don’t trust telegram at all! In my opinion this is the next dangerous messages system. I’m probably wrong and alone with this opinion. But I just have a bad feeling about telegram

You are not alone. Bottom line is: Don’t trust Telegram! They were manipulating the public from the beginning with the “opensource” label, although their server was never opensource and never will be.

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You are not alone! I also have a bad hunch going their direction.
Too bad for such a good looking company.

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