How does the foundation work/how is it structured?


I am interested in /e/ OS and the cloud services as an alternative to Apple and Google. I like the idea of these services coming from a non-profit dedicated to open source and providing for the community rather than shareholders.

However, I cannot find much information about the foundation itself. I see the leadership team listed on the main page. In the manifesto it states:

“ The /e/ organization will be open to members from everywhere in the world. An annual fee may be required to be part of the /e/ organization. Members cannot be internally anonymous. Members can be individual or corporations.”

It is unclear to me how you become a member, or what sort of democratic control they have (if any). Is the e Foundation structured like a Co-operative? How are decisions made? What voice do members have? How do we know that the organisation will continue to act in members’ interests?

Are there any documents anywhere explaining this?

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The manifesto was written way back …when we started towards the end of 2017 and may be needs some updates to get it in sync with what is the current setup.
You can have a look at the organization structure here … The operational team list which you see also needs to be updated as a number of the old team members are not active. The names you see are mostly employees and volunteers. We advertise open positions or ask for volunteers . The organization is run with contributions and donations by users. Most of this information can do with an update.
In fact the team is working on a completly new website which should have more details covering all these points and in detail. Do not have any ETA’s on when that site will be done.


Thanks! It sounds like the new website will answer more of my questions. I just wanted to make sure, before moving my digital content over to /e/cloud (Murena? Cloud service name seemingly hasn’t changed yet), that the foundation will continue to act in members’ interests.


As I understand it

  • Morena’ is the brandname for phones which the /e/ Foundation will sell.
  • the /e/ Foundation is not planning to change its name
  • the operating system - whether it runs on Morena phones or other brands of phone - continues to be ‘/e/ OS’, and I am not aware of any plans to change that name

So I would expect that the Cloud service name would not change.

I think Murena does cover the cloud plans: Murena - Our brand name

I’m holding off switching until they change the email addresses.

I thought it was only for phones - thanks for correcting me.

That link says

“MURENA” is going to be used to call all our commercial products: smartphones with /e/OS, premium cloud plans…

I expect (and hope) that my eCloud account will still be at and my (free, not commercial) email address will still be …

That post links to a Twitter account where the handle is @MurenaProject, but the displayed name is nouv. I guess that is an abbreviation for ‘nouveau/nouvelle’, but I have no idea where that name fits into the /e/ Foundation’s product or marketing planning.

It also links to a website - which doesn’t work :slight_smile:

I’ll ignore all the marketing nonsense I think, and get on with using and supporting /e/ OS :wink:

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