How fast does discord launch on your phone?

Hello, Discord user on my fairphone3+, I find the launch of the app a bit long, I could compare with a friend and his pixel 4a 5g, with him the launch is instantaneous.
How does it work on your phone ?
(no I don’t want to use other messaging app for the moment)

bonjour, utilisateur de Discord sur mon fairphone3+ , je trouve le lancement de l’app un peu long, j’ai pu comparer avec un ami et son pixel 4a 5g, chez lui le lancement est instantané.
ça se passe comment sur votre télèphone ?
(non je ne veux pas utiliser d’autres app de messagerie pour le moment)

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About 1 to 1.5 seconds. (FP4)

hmm It takes 4/5 seconds on my phone :confused:

3 seconds on my Fairphone 3 Plus

5 sec cold startup, either to register screen or chat view when logged in (moto g5, 2017 phone).

A warm startup is instantaneous though, but your friend must’ve shown you a cold startup, from the closed app state?

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hot or cold, on my phone, it always takes 4/5 seconds to display the chat.

My friend did a cold start

so every time you bring the launcher to foreground, and go back to discord (hot start) - it’s 5 sec? that’d be weird

yes, that’s right, only on discord
even when clearing the cache etc

so this is a (quite plain) FP3 starting discord 1x cold, 3x hot, 1x cold -

and you say what is shown in the middle of the clip - the foregrounding - is 5 seconds each?

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no ok, in the middle, its instant.
but my friends at cold, its instant or 1sec max
it’s not normal for a cold start to take so long

other applications like firefox or tinder open faster when cold.

With 80mb discord is not lightweight as a bundled react app. Pixel 4a has more cpu to crunch through this then a FP3. You could record a trace and send it to Discord, but I think it is expected behaviour.

If you don’t quit the app and have no memory pressure that will purge its process memory, I speculate you’ll have quick foregrounding until next boot.