How good is e.mail?

Hi all,

As Ctemplar email is shutting down, I am looking for an alternative, and as I have already an e.mail account,
I wanted to ask you how good is good for you, Note: (I already know tutanota and protonmail just asking about e.mail).

  1. I mean, for a private use, will you recommend it? On the one hand I guess not, as there is no encryption on that, right?
    But on the other hand, far away from encryption (most people dont send encrypted emails to their friends…), could i use it without worrying?

  2. Is it working on the mobile? is it possilbe to sync pics for example? I dont see that option in the mobile.

  3. I´ve got as many others a former outlook or gmail account with still some use. Would you add them to e.mail? dont you think is a way microsoft or gmail keep tracking you?

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  1. if I understand, you want to encrypt your messages. You can do that with your email client (for example, look at PGP), it is not related to /e/ email system. If I misunderstood, please explain what you want to see encrypted : the message itself, the communication between your client and the server, the storage at the server, the way it is delivered, … ?
  2. with a Murena or /e/ device: yes, and it is included in /e/ ROM image (look at Accounts in Settings).
  3. won’t happen. However you can add Gmail accounts to /e/ Mail Android app with some tricks. As well as Outlook accounts, as long as you can use IMAP for them (some enterprise accounts could only use MAPI, and you can’t use that on a /e/ device). Of course they will know about your device and (for public accounts) examine the content of your messages unless you encrypt them, it is not related to /e/.

Hi smu44,
Sorry but i´ve been quite busy these days.

  1. Well,maybe I didnt explain myself, it´s ok. I know that it´s not encrypted, and I could us PGP… I guess my question was “how safe a non encrypted email client is these days”, silly question in any case.
  2. I havent found anything yet and I have search a lot, but i will check it again deeply. How should it look like?
  3. Yes, this is what i wanted to ask, i will “add” Gmail and Outlook to /e/ Mail account, and as you said, if i do so,“they” “will know about my device”


  1. About local (on device) storage by email client, it is as safe as your device user’s files are. In short : in Settings/SecurityEncryption & credentials, it should say “Encrypted” AND you must have a unlock password/pattern/code set. If you have TWRP installed, it relates to the decrypt prompt for data partition.
    Generally speaking, unencrypted email is known to be insecure by this days. Even PGP encrypted messages can be intercepted at some point, as they have to be decrypted at receiver’s terminal.
    I will end with a few tips:
    a. choose your provider carefully: no spying at the content (/e/ will never read the content of your messages :smiley_cat: ). If you can, self-host it.
    b. be careful with privacy when sending messages to well-known spying providers, like mainstream Google or Microsoft account (they say they don’t spy on enterprise accounts …)
    c. you may find the new /e/ email aliases useful :smiley_cat:
  2. Go to Settings/Accounts/(your /e/ account, not contacts)/Account sync. eDrive is known to be a little buggy for now, it is “work in progress” by /e/ team :slight_smile:
  3. Any way you use to access their servers (including their webmail), they will track you :frowning: .
    a. If you don’t need to write from these accounts, you may set up a permanent and unconditional forward for all messages, to your /e/ email account. This way Google and Microsoft won’t never know about your /e/ device.
    b. If you need to write from these accounts, of course /e/ Mail app is safer than proprietary apps. Please be aware that you may have to lower the security for each provider (2FA) or authorize your /e/ device (search for Gmail here :wink: ). Note : enterprise Microsoft accounts (Exchange or Office365) are unlikely to work. Of course they will know about your device and keep track of it, so you may consider this as a transient, temporary solution.
  1. Perfect explanation!
  2. I guess you mean something like in the picture, right? I can see that pics are “sync” for example, but i guess it means, those pictures shareb by /e/Mail, otherwise, pics from the mobile device, i dont see them updated in the eCloud in my web /e/ account.

By reading a little bit more,maybe is because I should open a “nextcloud” account before…

  1. Again, good explanation.

as long as i see, there is just one alias to use.

@K71 This maybe of help.

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