How is it possible to suppress a email account?

I would like to know how to delete an email account such as “”.
I can’t do it.
I have my friend’s account on my smartphone and she has my account on hers because we had to exchange our devices. I should be able to delete these useless accounts.
Thank you in advance.

Sorry, but i can’t understand the problem.
You both have a device with e and you both have an e.emaul account. Now you want remive your account from hers phone. That’s easy, open mail app, go to that screen where your account is shown (i mean the account name, NOT the inbox).
Long tab on name of account and in the menu which will use ‘delete account’. That’s it

That’s right. I think it may say “remove account” which is the same thing.:blush:

Sure, you are right :+1: