How is the camera/camera app in fairphone 3?

How is the quality camera/camera app in fairphone 3? What’s the default app?

I would describe the quality as midrange. Default camera app is OpenCamera fork.

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The default camera with /e/ is Open Camera. This might be just my experience but the quality is significantly lower than phones on the same range, particularly in low light conditions. I did not get this phone because of the camera, but it is disappointing nonetheless, since older phones using the same app shoot with excellent quality.

Fortunately Open Camera comes with many manual controls to adjust the brightness and such, as well as options to tweak the processing to increase the quality (I assume this comes at the cost of higher battery consumption).


People on stock ROM have reported that the photo quality improves when using a pixel camera port:


Is it known whether those ports “phone home”?

I use the F1 Mod v.9.6 6.2.030

No calls to google, I turned of the google lens suggestions.

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Nice, I’ll try it. OpenCamera is very capable, but it is horribly slow in taking pictures.

I tried it, but it seems I can’t switch off HDR. Am I doing something wrong?

Try to disable HDR directly into the settings of Open Camera, not in the shortcuts menu.

Sorry for causing confusion, I wanted to refer to Pixel Camera Port. There I can’t switch it off, I can only switch between two different kinds of HDR.

I dont know how to turn off HDR.