How many applications are there available in /e/ OS?

I do need some google apps, like Google Classroom, Google Play, YouTube, and Google Drive. I also use many other apps that I would not switch to /e/ without, like Google Pay, and Google Maps. Are those apps and many others available? I am very interested in /e/, but need some apps. Those are the 6 Google Apps that I use. Is it difficult to use those, and does installing them make /e/ pointless? My main goal with /e/ is getting rid of the Google bloatware on my phone. I am not completely shunning Google, there are just some things that there are better or equivalent but more private options out, and others where Google is the only good option.

Edit: I realize my stupidity in asking this question, I will switch to LineageOS. Thank you for your assistance in helping me understand what /e/ OS is for.

Sorry, but it seems you haven’t understand fir what eOS is created. It’s created for being a googlefree OS. So if you will install goolag apps, you will distroy all work if eOS developer.
And most goolag apps won’t work, because they will need goolag play services which aren’t available on eOS

For most apps are alternatives available. For youtube you can use newpipe.

But if you don’t won’t swap to goolagfree apps you should better use lineageOS

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For this limited purpose you don’t even need a different OS, you can stay on your stock OS.

In Android you can uninstall any App (preinstalled ones, too) for the current user, which makes the App effectively gone.
You would need the Android package name of the App for this, but you can look those up in the Play Store or in a ton of bloatware lists out there in the internet.

I did it myself this way with the stock OS on my Fairphone 3 before I switched to /e/, as well as on a Samsung phone at work.

All applications that are named G°°gle or depend on it contradict the //e// philosophy. You can find more information here. What’s in /e/?

Hi @BurntToast7, if you want to use these Google apps please continue using Stock ROM or LineageOS with GAPPS. These apps will not work correctly on /e/OS as they need the complete Google ‘infrastructure’ working in the background. You can check XDA for other Custom ROM which meet your needs.