How new devices are choosen each year?


When you use the “smartphone selector” and order devices by “release year” :

I see many old devices but only a few from last 3 years for exemple.
Brands (majority) :

  • Google :smile:
  • Motorola
  • One Plus
  • Xiaomi
  • /e/os phones (Fairphone, Teracube, Gigaset, etc…)

For 2023, only a fairphone is there.

Do you have a policy for adding new phones ?

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/e/OS mostly* builds for devices which are officially supported by LineageOS and will usually* not support a device until LineageOS have made an officia release for that device . If you look at the LinegaeOS Devices Wiki page and filter by ‘Min release year:’ you will see that LineageOS only supports two devices from 2023: Pixel 7a (lynx) and PIxel Tablet (tangorpro).

Fairphone 5 is an exception to this, because /e/ worked directly with Fairphone so they could make a buld of /e/OS before LineageOS supported the device


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