How often do Fairphones get restocked?

They are currently out of FariPhone4 and you can’t buy one (in America) from FariPhone itself. My Terracube is broken :frowning: and I need a phone. So my question is, does anyone have any experience with waiting for an out of stock item to be replenished? I would like a phone ASAP but am willing to wait a week or two for a FairPhone. However, if it’s going to be a month or months (or never) I should just go ahead and order a Pixel 4.

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On I can find that it ships within a week (and I’m not aware that FP itself had ever shipped to US yet). And btw.: did you also consider to buy a Murena FP5?

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This is what I see when I try to specify any combo of size and color:

Out of stock

Join the waitlist to be emailed when this product becomes available

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Ok, now I see. Once you configure any option it changes from “ship within a week” to “Out of stock” :frowning:

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While I’m sceptical that more FP4s are still being produced (as in manufactured), I’d still recommend to wait until monday or tuesday to check availability again. My experience (although admittedly with Fairphone’s own online shop) in the past has been that devices have often gotten out of stock at night or at weekends, only to become available again the next morning or the next working day. Apparently they don’t necessarily enter their whole stock in their online shop system at once, but only a limited quantity, perhaps to better deal with logistics of shipping etc.

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Great tip ! Thank you Urs !

Oh I’d buy that but it’s not for sale yet :frowning:

On the weekly update topic:

It’s different:

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The Fairphone stocks usually are restocked in about 2 weeks. This depends on the availability of devices as well, for example for the newer FP5 it could take more time as it is a recently released model.

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