How oftet does /e/ calendar synchronize external webe URL calendars?

Hi, on the /e/ nextcloud calendar I’ve subscribed external ics web calendars though their URLs… The calendars are shown in the calendar tab. Do those subscribed calendars are ever sync? If so, how often? I have one I need to sync every 15 mins… Others can be sync every hour. But it’s important for me to know how often they get synced if ever.

Thanks !

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Unfortunately it’s been almost a year with no answer? Does anyone know? Do the external subscribed calendars ever sync? How often? Can I control how often, per individual external calendar?

All this is related with the fact I’m also looking to sync to those externa calendars, as if they were caldav ones, since korganizer can’t sync remote ics/ical web calendars, even to date.

I don’t need the same sync period on all external calendars, some can sync every half a day, others every hour, others every half and hour, but some more critical at least every 15 minutes. If not possible to sync them individually, then all every 15 minutes is still useful to me.

But so far no luck looking into my calendar /e/ account settings, to customize the sync periods, neither to understand how often they sync…

This is still relevant and important for me to know. Thanks !

You can check and control this as follows:

  • Settings | Accounts
  • Select your account
  • Select ‘Account extra settings’ - opens the 'Account Manager screen
  • Click on the account button for your account - Opens in the Contacts tab
  • Click on the ‘gear’ icon in the top right hand corner - opens the Settings view,

You can view and set the sync intervals (for Calendar, Contacts and Tasks) from there.

Yes but you may need into install ICSx5.

Get into the Webcal tab for your account (as described in previous post). You should see the subscribed calendars there: enable sync for each one, entering your password if the calendar needs it

I’ll take a look at your prior post. I have no issues on the phone, since I davdroid/davx5 + icsdroid/iscx5. BTW, icsdroid/icsx5 doesn’t really sync the ics/ical calendars as caldav calendars, it directly sync the remote/external ics/ical web calendars, that’s how it works. And it doesn’t allow different sync periods per calendar. I filed a defect on it, and was answered back that was what they wanted, since the developers preferred the simplicity of just one frequency sync for all calendars. That’s unforutnate for icsdroid/icsx5, since not all calendar require that, but it works.

My main issue is on the desktop, with kroganizer. As mentioned, although not as I’d like, davdroid + icsdroid do the job.

Thanks !

Are you talking about the phone account? I’m not worried about the phone at all. As mentioned on my reply to your 2nd answer, davdroid + icsdroid do the job fine on the phone. I’m concerned about korganizer (kde-pim) on the desktop.

On my /e/ account on the web page in my contacts, nor the calendar tabs I can see how often the external subscribed ics/ical web calendars are synced b y /e/. Neither I see a way to control each subscribed calendar individually, nor globally.

And the main issue is korganizer (kde-pim), which doesn’t actually periodically sync ics/ical remote calendars, since it considers them static, or at any rate kde guys don’t care much about fixing that…

I’ve been trying to move out of thunderbird and adopt kmail + gpg + kleopatra + kroganizer + kcontacts, but it seems there’s no way to sync remote ics/ical calendars. The idea is to sync them as caldav ones instead, given the caldav service provider offers them as such. And this is what I’m looking for from /e/ as well. In order for this to work, of course, /e/ would have to sync with those external subscribed calendars periodically, and as mentioned, for one, I need it to be every 15 mins, it can be every hour, or twice a day, :frowning:. Besides, /e/ would need the ability to expose those external subscribed calendars as caldav ones, not just as plain ics/ical remote ones, as it does on the phone, since that’s precisely what it’s tried to be avoided for korganizer. Perhaps although /e/ offers a caldav service, it doesn’t support these 2 required features. I don’t know, since I haven’t been able to find anything on the /e/ account on the web, helping on that, :frowning:.

Yes I was talking about the phone - sorry! I didn’t read you posts properly :frowning:

Hello !
I have the same problem.
I need to periodically synchronize my university calendar with my /e/ account calendar because the classes I teach can sometimes be moved.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I am also interested how to edit the updating interval in nextcloud calendar web all for subscribed ics/ewbcal calendars. There has t o be a solution. It does not make much sense to work with the web based calendar when outdated