Getting korganizer syncing ics/ical remote web calendars through /e/ caldav, as caldav calendars instead

Hello !

Some time back I ask on this forum, how oftet does /e/ calendar synchronize external web ics/ical URL calendars?, and the question is still relevant to me, though I never got any answers… I really need to sync some remote read only ics/ical calendar more often than others, but most importantly, I was trying to understand if I can then use /e/ caldav so korganizer can do caldav sync with them, but offered as caldav calendars by /e/. But besides not getting answers, I haven’t find a way to control on my /e/ account how often to sync those external calendars, neither anything that tells me about the sync period.

Lets assume is every 15 mins, for the ics/ical remote calendars I required synced more often (others can be every hour, and others every half a day)…

If the default were to be every 15 minutes, now, how can I sync those external calendars with any caldav client? The case I’m interested on is korganizer, since it dosn’t sync remote ics/ical web calendars, at most it imports them once, but never sync them back, which is terrible.

On Thunderbird (desktop) and Davdroid+Icsdroid (aosp based mobile), when syncing with /e/ caldav, the external ics/ical remote calendars registered on /e/ will show up as remote ics/ical calendars, which then one can sync on Thunderbird itself, or Icsdroid. So those clients do not need to read those registered external calendars as caldav ones. That’s not the case of kroganizer, which I want to use in combination with other kde-pim apps forming kontact, like kcontacts and kmail, given kmail true integration with gpg, as opposed to what Thunderbird
ended up doing.

I read as well an answer to how on earth get korganizer do what it should do in the 1st place, which indicated what I’m now asking, but don’t know how… subscribe the ics/ical remote calndar into the caldav service, and then sync them on the client, as cladav calendars, When trying to sync /e/ caldav with kroganizer, the subscribed/registered external calendars do not show up on korganizer as caldav ones, and actually they don’t even show at all. So this is really confusing. I tried like getting cladav URLs out of those subscribed external calendars, and all I see are like internal to /e/ URLs, useless a caldav calendars.

If you ask me about placing a bug to kde, I did it already, and its status hadn’t changed since I placed it in 2020. So I haven’t been able to move kontact yet, which is really sad…

Also, please don’t forget about the other question about how often does /e/ sync with external subscribed calendars, and if there’s a way to control how often, per calendar, individually.

Has anyone gotten this working? How to do it? Thanks !

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