How secure is

My point too - looking forward for this chance. You see, this was my primary reason to opt for Linux decades ago :smiley:

And talking about this:

We have an expression in Portuguese that, translated to English, would be something like “The dogs will bark but the caravan continues” - I couldn’t find a similar expression.

The poing being that since we want to asure the right and freedom of speech for all, one must be prepared for this kind of situation. And keep moving, never minding the bollocks!


This would be “the” solution for responsible citizens and /e/ users. A deGoogled /e/ OS ROM with “clean” browser, phone dialer and SMS message, file manager settings. No more

This would make /e/ critics go away and the /e/ team could focus more on the important things like /e/ OS ROM migration to 9-Pie.



I don’t have any technical knowledge, so forgive me if this question sounds silly.

Is the magic earth apk from /e/ and apkpurethe same app, supplied by different providers, and presumably not interconnected?

Or is the magic earth app that is installed on /e/ somehow coming from apkpure? and ultimately what affect does that have?


They are the same. Pl let us know if there is any difference in them.

Thanks for your reply. I’m trying to understand what the problem may be? how is it’s availability on another marketplace (apkpure) a concern?

My current alternative: Preinstalled /e/ Apps (visible on the homescreen) against Simple Mobil Tools, /e/ Maps (magicearth) against OsmAnd+ (full version) exchanged; otherwise FOSS Apps as far as the eye can see.

Why the fogginess around this topic? if you look here it still does not answer where the apps originate from. If they come from apkpure, just say so, let people decide if they trust it. I think being foggy about this subject does not help the project.


@facb69 That phrase has been known in English for a long time too. We have another: “Empty vessels make the most noise.”, which I think also applies to those @Manoj is referring to. As the Americans (used to) say, keep on trucking.

Hey @Vaughan

I didn’t know this. I just translated it literaly :smiley: Good to hear that it’s real because I like this expression.

The other phrase is very good too - the same meaning but it’s more elegant.

I prefer the imagery brought to mind by the one you used. It imbues progress with romanticism. Though that might be just an English perspective. The phrase is believed to be Arab or Turkish in origin, so quite exotic to the English.

It was very popular in Brazil back in the days. Now only the elders (like myself :smiley:) use it.

These questions about apkpure keep coming back again and again.
App Store or App Installer as it should have been named - it does not store apps only points to their location on FDroid or GPlay Store - acts like a intermediary, that is integrated into the /e/OS. It also removes the one additional step where we grant permission to install an app - Like on Aurora Store where you are explicitly asked to grant permission to install the app even after you press Install.
The whole idea behind the app installer was to make it easy for users to download apps from two different locations FDroid and GPlay Store without having to manually download them.
The integration of the apps is not fully effective in some cases as we do not mimic Google authentication or allow anonymous logins which would be a clear violation of google TOS. You may have noticed how at times Aurora store stops working - that happens because Google changes their authentication modes. Which means they are also aware of such stores and repositories. It is not all perfectly legal but exists as a workaround and we all use it to save users a round trip across multiple website to download their preferred apps.
The FOSS version of /e/OS will have only FDroid and a limited set of apps. The Apps Installer will continue on a version of the /e/OS for ‘normal’ non-technical users.
What I would like is someone - anyone with development skills - should point at discrepancies in the apks shared through App Installer. Check the same app on FDroid or Google PS and the one downloaded from App Installer and let us know if there is any change in the app.
Even after one year of App Installer coming on the /e/OS I am yet to see this evidence.

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Hi @Manoj thanks fir that. But I don’t understand 2 things:

  1. The app installer points to play store? That means, if I download a app with app installer it is downloading the apk from gplay store?

  2. I never talked about app installer apks. I have talked about the system app ‘magic earth’. This apk in eOS sources is coming from apkpure!!! That’s why I have created this post.

The same apps that are there on Play store or FDroid are picked up and downloaded by the App Installer. How that mechanics works in the code I do not know. Which is why I asked if you think we at /e/ are downloading and manipulating it in some way before letting users download it please show us how that is being done.
This is why I said at the start that the thread will go in a different direction. Magic Earth is not created by /e/ or Apk pure if that is what is being implied. Check the documentation here that has the details of the Magic Earth website which you can check.
All I can say is if you do not trust the App Installer do not use it. Same goes for any other app on /e/OS. The launcher - weather widget - Magic earth …

@manoj, pls forget the app installer. I’m NOT talking about app installer. Please !!!

pls have a look into the sources of prebuild apks. You will find this

And I’m only talking about this apk, NOT about app installer

@harvey186 you asked me two question and I replied to that.
On your query about the Magic earth app as the documentation mentions we have an understanding with the Magic Earth folks which gives us access to their apk which is what can be updated from App Installer or gets added to the ROM.
This is my understanding of the issue I can check and update if that is not the case.

Sorry. it’s seems we don’t get together.

If the Magic Earth dev are giving you access to the apk, so why is it from apkpure ?

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For me, there are to much different statements about the apk sources. So I make my own solution:
I have searched the web about apkpure and don’t find any negativ argument. So it seems to be OK.

For myself, I don’t trust any third party apk location. So I won’t use any app which is not ftom origin like f-droid, github, developer itself or playstore (via Aurora)

And for me, the case is closed


I guess the questions come back because it is never answered. Why go in defense mode? The fact that magic earth comes from ApkPure, suggest all non FOSS Apps come from ApkPure. It would not make sense if /e/ has a mechanism to download from Playstore, to fetch Magic earth from ApkPure. Now ApkPure maybe 100% safe, i don’t know. I’m sure /e/ has investigated this, why not be open about it? Saying “oh go check yourself” and tell us something is wrong, that is disappointing for me. Just tell users where Apps come from, and what /e/ did to verify these.

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My PI-Hole tells me, that the app installer is connected to That’s why I have talked in my last post about ‘to much different statements about the apk sources’

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