How to access through CalDAV?

I have tried accessing my calendars through CalDAV, without luck. I’m shotting in the dark because I’m not sure what URLs to try, but basically I have tried all these:  # 405  # 404  # Unauthorized  # Unauthorized  # Unauthorized  # Unauthorized  # Unauthorized

I’m pretty sure that I’m using the right password (just copy-pasted after successful login on ecloud) but I have no idea how to continue. Is there any documentation on how to do this?

I mount a WebDav filesystem on my linux box and i use this url:

I don’t use CalDav thought,
hoping this will help you

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On your smartphone you can go to Settings → Accounts → your /e/ account → My Account (/e/ Account overview) → Settings (Additional settings for the account)
It will open DAVx5 Account Manager and under the calendar tab you can see all your calendars and task lists.
If you tap the three dots and Properties you will see the exact address of your calendar / task list.

One thing I see is that the username is the full email address so

This works for me on Evolution Mail under Linux.


Thanks @mat_me, good method. I was making a typo in the url, discovered it thanks to the Account Manager. Thanks!

@denux could you please extend on how to mount murena webdav via terminal or gui ?


Done on Debian 10 (buster)

1-create a mount point in your home directory. eg: /home/user/ecloud

2-install davfs2, when installing the packet manager asks you if you accept setuid bit. Answer “yes”.

in your home directory create a ~/.davfs2 directory

copy /etc/davfs2.conf and /etc/davfs2/secrets into your ~/.davfs2 directory

verify ownerchips and rights of these files:
(user:user rw.r–.r-- and user:user rw.—.—) respectively.

at the end of /home/user/.davfs2/secrets add your credentials.
for instance:

#---------- ecloud credentials in  ~/.davfs2/secrets -----------------
/home/denux/ecloud       mypassword
# Nota: fields are separated with tabulation(s).
#       (I didn't test with simple spaces)

I’ve also added at the end of /home/user/.davfs2/davfs2.conf the following line:

#-------------- added in ~/.davfs2/davfs2.conf ------------------------
use_locks 0

I don’t remember what thought, perhaps it’s not a mandatory.

3-Now edit /etc/fstab (you have to be root) and add something like that:

#---------------------------- added in /etc/fstab --------------------		/home/denux/ecloud		davfs	rw,user,noauto	0	0
#Nota: fields are separated with tabulation(s).

4-That’s all as far i can remember.
Now you can go to your file manager (I use Caja 1.20.3, because i use MATE as a desktop). I guess it’s similar to others file managers. Because of the /etc/fstab 's modification you should now see a new device named “ecloud” (in my example) in your file manager. Simply double click on it, and the remote filesystem will be mounted. For unmounting, click on the “unmout icon”.

I’ve also tested this on a Ubuntu Mate 20. All was ok except unmounting: for some reason i had to use the command line
“fusermount -u /home/user/ecloud” (without comas) instead of unmounting via the file manager.
I didn’t yet investigate what was wrong because it was only a test. Sorry for that.

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By the way, the good URL was

(i.e. the rest of the URL can be discovered by the CalDAV client)

Another way of getting it is opening

(see RFC 5785)

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in my case, Mint Ulyssa.
chmod 600 /home/youUser/.davfs2/secrets
to have the correct permission
sudo usermod -a -G davfs2 youUser
to add the youUser to the davfs2 group

I can mount and umount the device
thanks @denux

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