How to add a calendar linked to an email?


Please how to add a calendar which is linked to an email address? I want this calendar to synchronize.

I thought I could add an account with the email corresponding to the calendar so that this email would appear in the calendar app, but I don’t know how to add this email since it is an email from an organization (it’s not a gmail address…).

Is there any equivalent to what we can do with the standard calendar app of android: open the calendar app, add a new calendar app through an email and that’s it…?

Thank you!


The owner of the email address has to send you an ICS link.
Email and calendar are often merged together in groupware solutions, but they are completely different middlewares.

Hi Sylvain,
Thank you for your answer I’ll try to do that! Actually, I am the owner of this email address. With this method, will it be a “read only” or will I be able to add events to my (email related) calendar from my /e/OS phone?

I managed to get the ics link. So now I can visualize the schedules of the events (not their title nor content because of privacy reasons) on the ecloud calendar. But how to have it also in the calendar app?
Thank you!

Good job ! :+1:

As for the R/W access, it depends on the hosting solution : some won’t allow, some may need to install their app, some just require a sharing authorization at server …
Could you please share your hosting provider name ?

Hi again Sylvain!
Ok thank you, actually in my case I think I can’t since I could only give read permission and not edit permission… The calendar of my organization where I work is based on outlook… So unfortunately I guess I would just use the outlook app for work related stuff so I can see the details of the events and edit…

Same here, only limited read permission for O365 pro account.

Ok thank you!
And regarding the synchronization between the e cloud calendar and the calendar app, do you have any idea why this is not working?

It is working for me :wink:
You may find this thread of interest: New calendars not showing up on sync with device