New calendars not showing up on sync with device


I was hoping someone could help me… I created a several different calendars on account, and recently created few new ones. The issue is the new ones are not showing up in /e/OS, after it sync. I removed my account from the device and added it back again, and that added I had already created, but when I continued to create additional calendars, they still never showed up. The only way to resolve the issue seems to be to log out and log back in, but I would like them to show up without having to do that. I am using a moto one action, and the build number is e_troika-userdebug 11 RQ3A.211001.001 eng.root.20220527.080009 dev-keys.

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Will this help ? How to sync new ecloud calendars

That didn’t work. I got as far as Step 3, but the screen didn’t look the same. Instead of “Account Settings” and “Account Sync”, the items I see are “Account Sync” and “My Account.” If I click on “My Account”, I am taken to a different view than the one shown in “Account Settings.” I’ve explored all the options I can click on, including the “Settings” on the left sidebar of “My Account” and cannot find a screen like the one they reference with the calendar setting.

Maybe you’re missing ICSx5 ?
You can find it in App Lounge, package name : at.bitfire.icsdroid

The docs need some reworking … :wink:


With Settings I can go to:

The docs are with the old way to setup the calendars and tasks. Looks like DavX.
With /e/OS the way is like @smu44 told you. That worked here for me…
What /e/OS Version you use?

Ok, thanks… It took me a while, but i figured it out. I think the issue was I didn’t even see any indication that that blue banner below the text “Account Manager” was clickable or would take me anywhere. I finally tapped on it, but it was not obvious.

Well, one thing did not work for me. I added as well as deleted some calendars. The deleted ones did not disappear from my device after refreshing the list.