How to add an Outlook 365 account to e/Mail?

Hi, up to now, I have used e/Mail to access my institutional email (Outlook 365).
However, it seems that Microsoft switched off basic authentication for IMAP/SMTP.
How can I add the account with an advanced authentication method?
OK, I found the authentication method Oauth2 in the IMAP/SMTP settings; which takes me to the login page of Office 365; I am asked, if I trust K-9; However, I can not Confirm/Continue… The web page quickly reloads, but does not take me back to e/Mail.
I also tried to just ‘enter’ the URL; which takes me to Office 365, but the login to K-9 is still not confirmed.

but does not take me back to e/Mail

I debugged why the authentication flow breaks there, offered a one line bugfix ready to merge, but was turned down, different plans

(the issue I do see beyond the bugfix is the apikey reuse by a fork that has higher ramifications, but it’s possible to get a new apikey from Microsoft)

Edit: to be clear, installing k9mail will fix this

Ask your O365 administrator: they may have disabled access unless your device is enrolled to your organization.
In this case even the Outlook app will not work, you may fallback to:

  • OWA (web, desktop mode)
  • forward emails, if authorized, to another classic email address (for Murena you may use filters to put then in a dedicated folder)

Thanks! I installed K-9, and everything works fine. I exported the settings from e/Mail, and after importing them to K-9, I only had to type my passwords once to get everything working. Just a curiosity: Why isn’t K-9 the default mail program for e/OS? It is a very mature program, open and publicly funded.

/e/ Mail is k9 fork. At the time when /e/ started out forking had advantages (and still does for visual coherency and labeling). In my opinion it’s the biggest long term risk though - it binds too much resources and bugs like this are tolerated. Work smart, not hard.