How to ask for an Android App to become available on /e/?


I’m quite new in the /e/ adventure, I’m trying to find open-source apps for my regular purposes (mail etc) and it’s great.
But for a few things it seems impossible : I need my banking app to approve transfer, I fancy some local apps I cannot find in the /e/ Store or in F-droid, I did really use some specific widgets, etc.
I saw in the /e/ App Store we can ask for some apps. I just did it (with the Credit Cooperatif app, but I get a error message : “this app is already available or asked”. Where can we check the apps which have ben asked, and check if it has been refused ? I saw I could use Aurora Store but I’d prefer to stay on the /e/ store if it’s possible.

The answer “you have to change the you use your mobile phone if you want /e/, stop using those apps or go back to Android” is possible to ^^’

Thanks to all of you !

Pl check the documentation here

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