How to automatically set quiet mode during a scheduled meeting

Hi, Can anyone recommend an app that automatically sets the phone to vibrate when an appointment is in the calendar? It doesn’t work on my Samsung S5 Neo with all the apps I’ve tested so far (e.g. Polite Droid, Polite, and many others).

You may not need an app for this, as I think the ‘Do not disturb’ feature can be configured to do what you want.

Look at Settings > Sound > Advanced > Do not disturb > Schedules

Check the Event box then click the cog wheel icon to configure the behaviour you wsnt

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Thank you for your suggestion. I forgot to mention that the integrated do-not-disturb-option did not work, either. That’s why I started looking around for an app.

Yes DND works fine and I don’t think this feature is device specific.

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You are right. Last night, I could solve the problem: I am using ICSx5 to get calendar information from outlook. For some reason syncing was disabled in ICSx5, so the calendar used by DND was not updated any more.