How to backup the original/actual firmare to eventually restore it after a try?

Before moving to /e/ or before upgrade to a new /e/ version, we would like to backup the original/actual firmare / OS to eventually restore it. Will this be part of the installation docs?

Hi @DiegoM at present we do not have this level of detail in our documentation. We may add these details as we update our wiki or better have the latest firmware and stock OS on our own server to help users.
You can always download the latest OS for your phone and the install tools from the manufacturer website and restore your device. For e.g. for one of the phones that I have a Xiaomi tissot I would download the latest OS from their site and also the tool that is used to flash Xiaomi devices the MiFlash and keep it on my PC as a stand by. This always helps even when you are on stock ROM.

Thanks @Manoj .
What you mean is that is possible to find tools from producer by which restore the “factory status” of the device, but not for read a backup of the whole device. Did I get your info right?

For info on how to backup up your device there should a lot of material on XDA . On this forum also you could search for topics on backup.

In short, the most popular way to fully backup and restore an android device is TWRP recovery’s build-in backup function, so called “nandroid” backup. (Sorry if my advice is too obvious.)

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Tnks @e.follower for the [quote=“e.follower, post:5, topic:5367”]TWRP[/quote] tip. I gave a look to the site, looks well done, but the docs is really minimal. Do you know of a documentation on how-to-use TWRP from a Linux host?

TWRP is a recovery that is used on your phone. In general one unlocks their phone and installs (via fastboot) TWRP. Then one can restart the phone to the recovery. TWRP in this case. TWRP is used to flash ROMs, kernels, mods, etc. You can do wipes (clearing caches, data, etc), format partitions, do basic file management, and of course backups.
Ideally one would/should immediately backup their existing ROM (nandroid backup) before attempting anything else. Depending on device you would want to backup to external SD card or USB flash drive.

Check the XDA development forums for your particular device. If root and TWRP are available for it there will be threads to get you going. Also don’t forget the /e/ Telegram group. Knowledgeable and helpful folks there.

Hi Diego, search for “adb backup” no root required, no bootloader unlocked, device independent…


Tnks to all for your suggestions.


Is a backup by adb equivalent to TWRP?
I would like to creare a complete image of the /e/ installation (including settings, apps/settings for the apps …), since I had an issue with an update and had to re-install /e/ (therfore losing all my customisations …). I started thinking about a full back up (image of my system), but as I am a newbie, I am wondering what would be best for me.

Thank you in advance for your support


Hi @sonyxa2

With TWRP you can also back-up each partition separately

Hi @sonyxa2

With TWRP you can also back-up each partition separately